Saturday, December 1, 2007

Venice Memories

Today it snowed and on a day that you have plans winter weather is not good news, especially if you live on the 1st road that they close in Portland! After a snowy morning of listening to crazy forecasters I was worried that I would not be able to get to the Oregon Symphony to hear them perform Vivaldi's Four Seasons but lo-and-behold the snow didn't stick and I was able to make the!! All during the performance my mind kept wandering back to Venice as I was there this past April and was able to attend a Vivaldi concert in one of the cities oldest known church buildings, a building that is centuries older than our country! It was an AMAZING concert with only about 20 of us in attendance and by far was the highlight of my time in Venice...well, maybe runner-up highlight as they had some pretty amazing coconut gelato :) So, on this freezing cold December 1st evening I would give anything to be back over in Venice enjoying all that surrounded me instead of under my layers of blankets but I will just have to make these pictures and my memories due :)


carrie said...


Gorgeous pix as usual. My favorite is the black and white one with the gondolas!

Lisa said...

Thanks Carrie! That pic is one of my favorites from the entire trip!