Sunday, April 13, 2008

Spring TulipFields

Check out my Flickr Page for pictures of this weekends visit to Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm...over 40 acres of tulips all at the peak of their beauty!!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Slacker Lisa Is Back!!!

Hi Emily! I just had to start with that greeting because last week my good friend Emily told me that I must blog more. Sorry to be such a slacker Em :)

Anyway, no excuse but being busy and uninspired. But today is a BEAUTIFUL day here in Portland and I feel that we have stepped out of winter and feel nothing but greatness with the months ahead. Translation: Inspiration!!

Today was my first day working in my community garden plot! I spent a little over three hours hoeing weeds, weeds, and more's so much hard work! I think I got most the uninvited garden guests out and if I'm diligent in visiting my plot then today's work should pay off BIG TIME and there will only be small amounts of weeding to do! Now I need to prepare my soil and plant in the next couple of!! Any suggestions on what to plant? Also, one of the fellow gardeners gave me a hoe. Not let me borrow, but gave it to me! How cool is that!! I think I am going to meet some nice people through gardening...that and my beloved zucchini make it worth the effort :)

So, since it's been awhile since I've posted (bad Lisa!) I will share some pics of a few things that have been keeping me busy outside of work. After all, these fun times with friends and family are what I live for!!In early March I went to a conference in Boston (brrrrrrr, so cold!) and had a GREAT time hanging out with friends Sarah, Dave, and Rodney! I spent every free moment out and about Beantown and also enjoyed seeing many colleagues I have worked with these past 12 years in Higher Education. So fun!Seeing my vote for our country's next President! I have never been too interested in Politics but I really feel that our country is in desperate need of a change and hearing Obama and his passion for the needs of this country was nothing but uplifting and inspiring! I felt honored to be in the crowd of 12,000 and loved feeling the positive energy that swept over us because of this agent of change!
Pretty in Pink! I just ADORE when all the trees put on their Spring Fashion Show for us, simply lovely!
Spending time with the bestest little boy and girl in the world! Here they are dressed in their adorable Easter duds :)
Seeing some pretty big dinosaurs over spring break!
Playtime at OMSI. Check out Lily's adorable smile...she melts her aunties heart!
Spring Break SNOW?????? Ya, we were quite shocked by it but I think it is safe that snow will not be in our future anytime soon!
Clam Chowder at Mo's...a must do for any trip to the Oregon Coast!
Yurt's the best way to camp!!
Last weekend was a fun girls trip to Newport where we made sure to visit park with the best view of the bridge!

I promise to update soon...can't have Emily lose faith in one of her favorite bloggers :)