Thursday, November 29, 2007

9 for 9

It's been 9 days since I've posted so here are 9 things I've been up to :)

Thanksgiving Game Night!
Too bad we didn't have enough markers for everybody and had to drink wine in order to get make-shift train markers :) This was such a fun way to end a day of giving thanks with friends, family, and of course wine!
Doing a little Christmas shopping with my mom in downtown Salem.
We skipped the malls and big-box stores in favor of cute little much fun! I loved this new take on Christmas stockings!!
Having fun making my niece an oh-s0-cute gift for her 1st Birthday!!!
Getting closer and closer to finishing this book!
So good, especially paired with a mint hot chocolate!An evening conversation with my good friend Emily in which she took 2 whole minutes of small talk before shocking me with her engagement news!
Emily, I cannot wait to meet Greg and celebrate at your wedding this summer!
Chattanooga here I come!!!
Trimming my small Christmas tree!
I love holiday decorations as they make everything seem so comfy and cozy!
Driving home each night through a lot of rain...yuck!
Making a loaf of my favorite banana bread!
Being amazed that it snowed this early in the season up in Portland's West Hills!! It was so pretty to drive home through but secretly I was excited it didn't stick! I'm just not ready for winter weather!


carrie said...

Loved seeing these pix and reading your updates, Lisa! And now we know about Emily--wow!

PuglyFeet said...

That's the best multi-day synopsis ever.

Emily said...

Just read this...thanks for the congrats! Chattanooga, here you come!!