Monday, December 31, 2007

Blink And It's Gone

"Blink And It's Gone"...that is what happened to the holidays!!! I had a wonderful week filled with lots of time spent with my family, hugging and kissing my adorable niece and nephew, and even a rare Christmas morning snowfall here in my area of the Pacific Northwest!! And now here it is the last day of 2007, what a year it has been but I know that 2008 will be even greater! I hope your New Years Eve is spent with those you care about, maybe a glass or two of something sparkly to sip, and time filled with hope and excitement for what is ahead! What are my plans for the night, well I'm getting all dressed up and hitting the Schnitzer Concert Hall to be awed by the amazing Pink Martini!! What a spectacular way to end a truly spectacular year!!


Anonymous said...

Have a wonderful time!, mom

chez shoes said...

I don't usually go out for NY eve, but for Pink Martini I sure would. I'll bet that was fantastic!

Happy new year :)