Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Shoe Therapy Kind Of Day

Today was one of those exhausting and frustrating days where I dreaded going home to a dirty kitty-litter box after already having to deal with crap all day so the only remedy I had was SHOE THERAPY!!! I kept seeing these shoes in my favorite shoe store and have always thought the sole's to be a little on the ugly side but I figured I shouldn't judge without trying them on and boy am I glad I finally did!!! I swear these are some of the most comfortable shoes I 've ever had on my feet!!! Simply amazing and I was tempted to not take them off and treat myself to an early Christmas present to justify my yucky day! If I was wearing jeans instead of a skirt and nylons (totally the wrong look for these shoes!) I'm sure they would have been as good as mine! Phew, my bank account is probably happy for my wardrobe choice today :)

Anyway, as much as I enjoyed trying on these shoes I really enjoyed learning about the mission behind El Naturalistic and especially their El Naturalista Eco-Policy!!! This company is on to some really good stuff and this paragraph on their website alone has made me a fan!

"Leaving Our Footprint: Movement is our reason to be and exist. That´s why we enjoy creating comfortable and nice footwear, that will help us to start the amazing journey of living. Shoes for people who advance as they walk. Designed by people that build as they dream. Aware of our responsibility with our world, we make our way smoothing the path for communities wishing to learn and with a lot to teach us. In a mutual learning act, we bring progress closer to the peoples who inspire us and help them to grow, not only as a group but also as people. Progress, if it is to be synonymous to devastation, makes no sense to us. Life inspires life and that´s why El Naturalista develops footwear to walk through it."

I figure I will get a pair soon but now have to decide between these two colors...which do you think I should get? I heard the green is discontinued so I am leaning towards them if I find them in my size. But the red sure is fun!!!


PuglyFeet said...

I've been a fan of that shoe, as well and learning that they're environmentally and socially conscious makes the shoe even more attractive. They're great for the world and our feet!

Both colors you selected are incredibly cute. But the red... the red is darling.

chez shoes said...

Don't you just hate it when "get both!" isn't an option?

I've been wanting the mary jane version of those. Keep eBay in mind - I've seen them come up new for a lot less than retail.

PuglyFeet said...

Wow... I just visited El Naturalista Shoes' website and I'm left with: Wow. Just wow.

I just browsed through their collection and I had no idea they had MORE great shoes! I'm especially coveting Gingko (N050) in olive. They remind me of Cydwoqs, but half the price.

carrie said...

Fun shoes, Lisa! Don't you already have red ones? =)

Jane said...

They are too cute! You wardrobe is calling out for them! I think you should go with the green for a change