Monday, December 3, 2007

7 Christmas Highlights

My friend Carrie just posted 7 Christmas Highlights on her blog so I thought I would join in on the fun! So to my readers (like all four of you!), here are 7 memories/highlights that will always make my Christmas merry and bright!

1. I have to watch National Lampoons Christmas Vacation at least three times every season or it just won't feel like Christmas to me! I never get tired of the holiday madness that surrounds the Griswold good old fashioned family Christmas!

2. I love that Mrs Santa leaves gifts for us in our stockings :) Thanks Mom, um I mean Mrs Santa!

3. Aunt Carol's Cinnamon Rolls that we enjoy every Christmas morning! Now her daughters make them for us and they are just as good as ever!!!

4. Memories of my sister and I wrapping presents to the sounds of Evie singing "Come on Ring Those Bells" and especially the memory of the Christmas when we found our wrapped presents in our mom's closet and we took advantage of her being out of the house to carefully unwrap them to see what goodies where inside for us. Boy was it hard to get the tape lined perfectly back to cover up our peeks! It was also really really hard to act surprised on Christmas morning but we were good actors back in the day! By the way, this was totally my sisters idea, me being the perfect oldest child would never dare come up with this idea...right Jen :)

5. Making our traditional holiday cookies and especially Peanut Butter Rocky Road which is simply to die for! Better go stock up on supplies as I plan to make this for a Bake-Off at work next week and I expect to win the contest with this recipe!

6. Ham. Unfortunately this is a staple of every Christmas meal on both sides of our family and that is not good news for me because I get terrible headaches from it just after a bite or two :( But, Christmas just isn't Christmas without someone saying "I didn't know Lisa doesn't eat ham" would think people would remember after all these years :)

7. One of my all time fondest holiday memories was an opportunity I had a few years ago when my friend Michelle and I were able to be in Romania for the holidays and help pass out Operation Christmas Child Shoe Boxes in orphanages...AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING!!! Being able to give out shoe boxes had been a life goal of mine and it was like passing gifts out to angels here on earth! All the children were so excited to be getting their very own gifts and I will never forget this sacred opportunity I was given to show abandoned and orphaned children love at such an important time of the year! I'm ready to go back!


carrie said...


I loved reading your list. That picture of you and J is priceless! Love the braids! =)

So funny you watch that movie 3 times every year!

Anonymous said...

what wonderful memories, glad I'm part of them!!! and don't you just love those red knee-highs??? love momma

Sara said...

one of the high school kids here told me last week he's already played with one of his christmas presents. he found whatever video game it was in his mom's closet when she was out of the house and not only unwrapped it, but carefully cut through the plastic around it, played with it for a few hours, then reglued the plastic wrap and rewrapped it with christmas paper. unbelievable! especially since he's already done this 3 or more times!!

Jen said...

What!!! My idea?!? I think not.