Sunday, December 16, 2007

Finding Christmas Cheer

It's the end of another busy busy busy semester...YEAH, let the celebrations begin!!!!!!! I had two final student events to attend Saturday (yes, I had to work on Saturday, blah!) but luckily they were both located downtown. I'll be honest, as nice as these two events are the thought of devoting my Saturday to work was not appealing. So to change my attitude around I decided to take the train in early and have a little fun with my new camera! I went with a mission of finding Christmas Cheer in the City and it turned into a fun morning and helped put me in a cheery mood for my work duties :) All in all, a great day and I'm actually glad this is how my Saturday turned out!
How great is this, Scarf Building Buddies :)Santa playing at Portland Saturday Market
Colorful Winter Wear at the market...I love how cheery the colors are!
Christmas Cupcakes...yum yum!
Tom McCall watching over our city's beloved Christmas tree
Cute, Cute, Cute!!!
Even the fountain statues are dressed in their holiday best!


PuglyFeet said...

You've captured the holiday spirit in these photos!

Anonymous said...

ok, maybe I need to take a morning this week and walk around downtown and find some Christmas Cheer, grab a cup of chai at Wild Pear and walk around a few blocks! Momma

carrie said...

Fun pix, Lisa! Those mittens and hats are so festive.

Thanks for the cute card.

Wendy said...

Aww...your making me get all sentimental and miss Portland :(

What kind of new camera do you have?

Lisa said...

Wendy - a Nikon D40. I LOVE it and think I will love it even more once I read the manual :) I'm sooooo jealous that Reed and Regina are heading over to see you, I wish I was going! I know that you will have a GREAT time with them!!

chez shoes said...

Oh, I wish I could find such festiveness here in L.A. - it's been a very un-festive season.

Congrats on the D40! How exciting.