Monday, January 7, 2008

Goal #1: Learn to Knit

I'm not too good at keeping New Year Resolutions but I do pretty good in meeting goals I set for myself so goals are what I am attempting to create in the beginnings of 2008. The first goal that I wanted to meet was to learn to knit and tomorrow I start the first of my 3 nights of knitting classes. I hope that the thought of taking knitting classes doesn't make me sound like some little old lady in a rocking chair with her knitting needles and a cat on her lap but rather someone young chica who wants to learn a new craft! (Yes, I'm starting to become conscious of my age as I creep further and further into my 30's...yikes!) I'm excited to spend the next few Tuesday nights at the ever so cool Yarn Garden and hopefully will have a pretty cool scarf to show you when I'm down and have mastered the basics my new craft!!

Photo from Yarn Garden


carrie said...

Have fun, Lisa! I took a lesson a few years ago--my scarf turned out rather pitiful. I'm sure you'll have much more of a knach for it!

chez shoes said...

Welcome to knitting! Something I wish I did more of :)

Sara said...

crocheting was hard enough...i admire knitters. i think cross-stitching is more my thing.

Anonymous said...

Remember when Gollum would knit in the little yellow house and make Piehl and I ball her yarn?