Thursday, August 2, 2007

Today we decided to stay close to home for the day and started the morning out at Dain (a college friend of ours) and Sarah's house. What a beautiful farm they have and one of the coolest things on it is this swing...look at Dain go!

Soon their farm will be host to outdoor weddings, concerts, and more...pretty amazing vision they have of using the space to serve others!


Then this evening we met my good friend Julie downtown for a movie and were lucky enough to see opening night of Red Bull's Illume Photo Exhibit where we were able to vote for our favorite photo...all of the photo's were vibrant against the twilight sky which made for a pretty spectacular downtown event!

This photo had my vote! I can only imagine what is going through these kayaker's mind...I would type what I think they are saying but I want to keep this a family friendly blog :)

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