Monday, August 6, 2007

Seattle Fun

Rodney and I hit the road early for a great day in Seattle. We had an amazing time there with the first stop being Kerry Park for the breathtaking view of the city. Then it was down to Pikes Place Market where you won't believe what I was able to do...go behind the counter of the fish mongers and CATCH A FISH!!! I was sooooo nervous as there was a huge crowd of tourists and many many cameras facing me. But, with a little coaching I was able to catch the bad boy that was thrown my way! Thank God it was not a baby shark, I would have screamed if I saw that flying towards me! In all my years of visiting the market I had never seen them allow people to do this, totally one of my favorite Seattle memories ever! And the guys that work there are amazing! They all took time out of work to sign the book that Rodney bought and to talk to us and get some pics...pretty amazing!

After spending the afternoon downtown we joined the masses at Safeco Field for Game 1 of Seattle Mariners and the Red Sox! Safeco is such a fun ballpark and we had a great time even with our seats being 3rd row from the top! Mariners won so I allowed Rodney to cry in his beer for a few minutes :) Sorry buddy! But, Red Sox went on the win the rest of the weekend so I probably shouldn't tease him too much :)

Anyway, here are some pics for you to enjoy! And thanks to Joey for letting us crash at her place on a busy weekend for are such a great friend!!

View from Kerry Park
Pikes Place Market
I love all the flowers down at the market!
Fish Catching!!!
One of my all time favorite places to visit!!
Packed house at Safeco Field
Go Ichiro!!

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carrie said...

Great pix, Lisa! Glad you had a such a fun weekend.