Sunday, August 12, 2007

It could only happen to me...

I posted some pics from Palm Springs on my flickr page...take a look if you have time :)

THANK YOU to my Mom and Aunt Cathy for letting me join them for a few days on their annual Fun In The Sun trip to Palm Springs...It was another trip full of adventures and crazy memories made around the pool :) Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!

And now to a funny story of my mom and I's adventure at Indian Canyon!

We decided to beat the heat and take a morning hike in the canyons to see all the beautiful Palm Trees. On our hike out of the first canyon we stopped to take some pictures on this cool rock slab that overhangs the stream. Pictures are taken but then somehow my sunglasses and a piece of my camera lens fall out of my hands and in slow motion make their way down the rock and into the water. I set my camera down but gravity takes a hold and I too go down the rock and into the water, all the non-too-graceful I might add! Well, my mom starts laughing and she then slips and slides down the rock too! At the edge of the rock she is holding on for dear life (while laughing of course!) and I am holding her from below but realize that there is no way she can get up the rock without first getting in the down she goes! We were laughing soooooo hard and luckily with getting just a little bit more wet I was able to grab my items out of the water. Here we are after the event, still laughing of course!
Seriously, it was a good thing nobody saw this event because if they had, I think they might have turned us in here...

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Rodney Corey said...

I just read your post about the adventure you and your Mom had. That was too funny. I was laughing so loud when I read it. Hope your week is going well.