Monday, August 6, 2007

Flying High Over Saint Helens

Our original plan was to go to Victoria BC today but we switched it up and spent the day at Mount Saint Helens. Once Rodney saw the helicopter rides he was sold on going so there was no turning back :) I was a little skeptical as I had never been in a helicopter (and it seemed quite cloudy and windy...don't worry mom, my life insurance policy is up to date!) but it turned out awesome...I loved it! We were up on the mountain for about 30 minutes and it was pretty amazing to have a birds-eye view of the beautiful regrowth of nature but still see so much destruction that will forever leave it's lasting mark. Just like our lives, we should always be regrowing and making our life more beautiful despite the hardness that scars us and reshapes us. Enjoy the pictures...Ready or not, here we go!
Now here is a happy Rodney!
Flying towards the crater, the mounds you see here are clumps of the mountain from 27 years ago! Pretty amazing how nature is reclaiming her with new trees!
Getting closer...there are too many chemical deposits still in the ground for much to survive here.
The crater! We are looking into where the mountain blew. Too bad there were clouds covering the rim as this does not do justice to how big the crater is!
Flying down the mountain. This sediment goes on forever and is still 80-100 feet deep (if not more in some places) and will probably be here for many more lifetimes!

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