Thursday, August 2, 2007

Watch out Portland, Rodney is in town!

So what does one do when a friend's flight time is changed...why head to IKEA of course! IKEA has been open for less than a week and this already has been my second trip. Please don't hate me for being an IKEA-aholic :)

Rodney and I had a few hours to kill before meeting some APU friends for Happy Hour and strolled along NW23rd. Vespa, anyone? Yes please, I'll take one in Red!

Passing time until Happy Hour, the best hour of the day!

Gorgeous Hydrangea's, my absolute favorite flower, lining the path leading to Meriwethers Restaurant in NW Portland.

I remember when I was leaving for college my dad told me that I should be excited to leave home because the friends I would make in college would be friends for life...tonight that pearl of wisdom rang oh so true! What a fun time we had reconnecting with college friends over a great Happy Hour...the only flaw in the night was that we forgot to take a picture, grrr!!!

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