Monday, October 1, 2007

Yep, I've Become A Crazy Cat Lady

Sunday was a scary day as the realization that I might be becoming a crazy cat lady hit me hard! Murphy is a kitty who has tried to follow me outside on a few cases (mainly when she was a kitten) and Sunday I ran out to my car really quick and when I came back I saw my front door blown open by the wind and no Murphy to be found heart sank hard! Usually Murphy comes when I shake her treat bag so I grabbed it and went out into the rain and tried to find her. After about 20 minutes I started to really worry and almost cry (my eyes misted a little) and realized that this is HUGE as I usually only cry once or twice a year! I was scared for my poor Murphy out in the rain by herself, mad at myself for never getting her an ID tag, and so so sad as I couldn't imagine my home without her in it. After the said 20 minutes I made my way back into my apartment not quite sure what to do next. I think I sat on the couch for 10 minutes and poor O'Malley (my other kitty) knew something was wrong but just couldn't make me happy no matter how much he purred. Then I thought I would do one more sweep of my place and back behind some suitcases under my bed sat Murphy with a look on her face as if saying "what, why are you bothering me?" This little punk made me crazy for a very long 30 minutes but you know what, I still love her and tell her that she is my favorite (shhh, don't tell O'Malley)!!

So, as much as I say I'm not a crazy cat lady I think I might actually be one after realizing how much I love my silly cat. I waited so long to be able to get a cat (one of the downfalls of living with roommates or on a college campus for many years) and she was such a comfort when I first moved back to Portland! Murphy is also good for a few laughs, such as this moment I caught her in last Christmas!
I think she likes Martini's as much as wonder why I love her so much!


Anonymous said...

oh so sad, but it all had a happy ending! Love momma

carrie said...


That is so funny! I love the photo with the martini, though you know how I feel about cats. =)

wynia said...

so my natural inclination for an entity named "murphy" is to nickname it "murph-dawg". now I'm stumped... "murph-cat"?