Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Coffee Break

Incase you haven't heard, it is a widely known truth that the Pacific Northwest is the Coffee Capitol of the world! I would have to use all my fingers and most my toes to count all the coffee shops within a 3 block area of my office and I just love how all the independent shops have their own personal vibe and style! One of my favorite coffee shops is Vivace who also has Portland's vote for best crepes in town! I was able to escape my office for a few moments today and Vivace provided a great coffee break...well, vanilla latte and pumpkin spice biscotti break! Here are some pics from enjoying the place almost to myself as most people were getting their coffee to go as to take in the most of the amazing weather we had today!


carrie said...

Wow, that place looks so fancy! (a little different than the shops here--ha!)

Anonymous said...

such a quaint little place, take me there when I come up ok, momma