Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Happy Halloween

In the spirit of Halloween, I wanted to share some crazy cat costumes I found online. Who would do this to their cats??? Must be crazy cat ladies and me not doing this takes away some of my fears that I might have been becoming one. Anyway, If I was to do this to my cats I think they would torture me in my sleep!! Don't worry Murphy and O'Malley, I won't strip you of your cool catness and make you wear a costume...just wish I could say the same for Gypsy! Gypsy girl, watch out if Joey brings home any "presents" for you today...you have been warned!
Gotta have a puppy picture too...thought this one was pretty funny!



Anonymous said...

Lisa I don't know if you remember or not but you and Cristian used to torture our cats and dress them in baby clothes!!!! love momma

Lisa said...

That's right...let's keep our fingers crossed that the habit stays in childhood :)

carrie said...


That's hilarious! Hmm--what can I do to Reggie?! =)

Sara said...

i'm not going to lie... chloe has a red sequined formal dress and she's so pretty in it (though she hates it more than she likes food.) jeremy told me if i dress up either cat it's an instant breakup.

Lisa said...

Oh Sara, thanks for the mental picture of you putting chloe in her formal dress...she would have been perfect back in the day for those first few Night Out At North's :)