Thursday, October 11, 2007

Fall At My Front Door

Cough Cough, Sniff Sniff...I'm on week #2 of being sick (actually, really really sick for me!) so I haven't felt like doing much of anything, including taking the energy to think of things to write on this blog. Today I went into work late (probably should have taken dear ol' mom's advice and not gone it at all) but wanted to spend a few minutes before I left capturing some of the pretty sights all within about 50 feet of my apartment door...enjoy some more pictures of fall, which if you couldn't have guessed by all my recent photos is my absolute favorite time of year!I'm about to have 4 days of R&R! Keep your fingers and toes crossed that I feel better because there is some fun planned for these days that I don't want to miss out on...things like apple cider making, wine tasting, and the Oregon Symphony...oh I cannot wait!!!


Anonymous said...

glad to see you feel well enough to post your blog, I have missed it! Looking forward to seeing you this weekend, and hoping you get well soon, love momma

carrie said...


Hope you're feeling better. (I am.)

Gorgeous fall views!