Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Lunchtime Stroll

I work in a really fun part of Portland, historic NW Twenty-Third, or also commonly known as NW "trendy-third" by the locals. This is one of the oldest neighborhoods in Portland and they have kept a lot of the businesses in the quaint houses that have graced the neighborhood for many many decades. It has been A LONG TIME since I took a lunchtime window-shopping stroll and thought you might like to come along...have fun getting to know the neighborhood!

Starting off, the first place we come to is Pepino's which is home to my favorite taco's in town! The ladies who work here are so nice and always seem to know that as much as I tell them I "might" try something new that I will almost always end of sticking with the $3.99 fish taco yummy! If you don't want taco's for lunch, how about a crepe from this oh so cute sidewalk cafe! Oh wait, there is still another option just up the block...Mio Sushi! I am fairly new to adventures in sushi but I can recommend their cucumber rolls (I get mine without avocados), a great option if you are looking for something healthy and fresh!Looking for something to do this weekend? Make sure to check out a phone pole, also known as community bulletin board, for what is happening in town! Isn't this a great bike!!Better stop and say Hello to the urban chickens :)Oh my goodness, right across the way is Urbino, probably my favorite store on Twenty-Third! As soon as you walk through the door you will be transported to Old Europe and may be enticed to spend all afternoon wandering through oooing and awwing over all their goodies! Better get going if we want to keep exploring!Thirsty yet? How about a quick pint at McMenamins...oh wait, I might need to wait until Happy Hour as I forgot that it is still lunchtime :)
Ok, lets cross the street before we hit Moonstruck Chocolate Cafe (don't worry, we'll visit it sometime soon!) and let's start heading back. Don't you just love walking through the leaves!Want to get inspired by funky clothes or unique home good then 3 Monkeys is your place to shop! They always have such great finds on the sidewalk that make it hard to walk by without visualizing them in your home! I spy vintage holiday ornaments in the window so we might have to return here when we visit Moonstruck on our next lunchtime stroll :)Here is our hidden treasure, Laurelwood Public House! When it is raining (if you haven't heard, that happens quite a bit in Oregon!) you might want to pick a table by the fireplace and enjoy some of their amazingly delicious food! Want a fun salad? Try their spinach, feta, red onion, and pink grapefruit salad...sounds like a strange combo but once you try it you will love it!
Ok, I might have lied as Nob Hill Shoes is my favorite store on Twenty-Third...Dansko Love, no need to say more!Oh, I should stop in at the bookshop to see if they have my latest bookclub selection, Golden Notebook by Doris Lessing.
And here we are back at our starting point so let's end our lunchtime stroll with a vanilla latte at Vivace!! Aren't you glad we didn't stop at one of the Starbucks we passed, way to go local!Hope you liked the tour, there might be another one in the future as this barely touched the surface of NW Twenty-Third! It was great sharing it with you :)


carrie said...


That was so fun! I enjoyed seeing all these unique little places in your neighborhood.

Emily said...

Lisa, you are too cute! I wish I could take a walk like this with you in person. Thanks for sharing your day-to-day life!!

Lisa said...

Thanks Em and Carrie :) I knew you guys would enjoy the tour!

Anonymous said...

Pictures just do not do this quaint neighborhood justice, you just have to experience it in person, its so fun!!! momma

chez shoes said...

Thanks for the tour! I *need* some of those Danskos :)