Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Apple Cider Making

Our family has a tradition of making apple cider every fall. All I remember of it from childhood is having to go to my grandpa's really early in the morning, usually in the rain, getting sticky hands from pouring cider into the containers, and having donuts as a morning treat! I can say that I like the tradition a lot more now! And here are some pictures to show you how our Hansen Family Apple Cider is made...

Start with A LOT of apples...a whole bin full straight from the apple orchard!!
Put them in the egg basket and take them to be cut...Eli and Catie like helping with this part!
Now the apples need to be quartered...luckly that water is warm, not ice cold like grandpa used to make it. This is also a great time to catch up on family news from aunts, uncles, and cousins :)Here's the press, already working on some applesPour the apples into the press where it will crush them down...make sure to use that really old stick so your hands don't get cut on the blades at the bottom of the bin!
Take a moment to cuddle with Lily...isn't she a cutie-pie!!!Here is my sister pressing the crushed apples for their sweet sweet ciderKenton pours cider into 1/2 gallon containers making sure to sieve out any apple chunks that got through the press.Ta-Da!!! Here's the final product, 92 1/2 gallons of Hansen Family Apple Cider...the best Apple Cider you will ever taste!!And now that work is over it's time to play on the farm...YAY!!!

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carrie said...


That is so fabulous! I wish I could sample some . . .

Cora's family just made juice from all their apples. Enjoy!