Tuesday, November 20, 2007

The countdown has begun for the remaining two hours of my week (cannot wait for a few days off!!) and I should be taking advantage of a quiet office to tackle my large to-do list...but do I do that, of course not! I just cannot get away from scouring the internet for the best deal on my next pair of beloved Dansko's! Aren't they awesome! Since I've seen them at my favorite shoe store I cannot get them off my mind's must-have list. I've vowed not to get them until after presents are bought for the holiday's but I just might be tempted if there is an excellent online sale...a girl can dream!


PuglyFeet said...

I bought the Desiree in teal (very similar to your coveted Diana) recently. No regrets whatsover -- one of the best pair of Danskos I own. The color is magnificent.

Wendy said...

You my dear are a Dansko addict. Maybe if I can ever afford to buy a pair I'll become one too. Sigh. Right now I'll have to keep coveting my ever comfortable Chacos. If only it was sandal weather year round!

Enjoy your time off!

chez shoes said...

I've been wanting those too! If you find a sale, do let me know :)