Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Three Day's of Fun

Labor Day Weekend could not have come any quicker!! As much as I thought I wanted to be a hermit for 3 days I ended up doing some fun things with friends and family :)

The weekend started out with my friend Julie and I meeting at our favorite Chinese Restaurant before seeing a movie at the Laurelhurst Theater, the best little retro theater in Portland. We saw the movie Waitress (really cute!) where they get you with all the beautiful shots of pie...I swear you can almost smell them! So of course we couldn't end the night without getting some dessert and the Pied Cow and their homemade Marionberry Pie did not disappoint! Saturday was spent with family as we celebrated my brother-in-law's birthday. The best part of the night was when Eli prayed for our dinner and he thanked God for his toys and marshmallows...what a cute cute cute little boy! Eli and I also made plans for taking him and Lily to the Roloff Pumpkin Farm later this month where he is extremely excited to see the tractors. I might just have to call TLC to make sure tractors will be there :)Saturday my mom and her friend Leslie came into town and we enjoyed the amazing sunny weather strolling along NW 23rd and enjoying the forest up at the Pittock Mansion. The night ended at the Billy Bob Thorton concert that was simply ridiculous...what a joke! We thought it would be laid back as he does bluegrass type of music but it was hardcore wanna-be rock concert! And the man is just yucky, chain smoking on stage and just being all around slimy...ick!
And Monday, glorious Monday, was spent not doing anything! Finally got my hermit time in and feel ready for a new week! I wonder who I need to talk to about making every weekend a 3 day weekend? Here's to hoping...

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