Sunday, September 16, 2007

Hiking With Eli

My birthday was on Saturday and I could not have asked for a better way to spend it than with Eli, my favorite little boy in the whole wide world! My mom and I took Eli on a hike and he did a GREAT job walking the 3 miles all by himself! I think getting bribed with skittles from Auntie Lisa helped his little legs keep going :) He also has recently learned the story of Hansel and Gretel and was very concerned the whole day with dropping enough pine cones and sticks on the trail so they could find their way out...what a good little boy wanting to make sure his fairytale friends get out of the woods safely :)

We hiked to Bagby Hot Springs which is an amazing area in the Mt. Hood National Forest. The trail was absolutely beautiful and I loved being surrounded by so many trees!! I truly live in a beautiful part of our country and I was so glad to spend my birthday enjoying the sights and smells of the forest, as well as being responsible for saving Hansel and Gretel, with two people I love!!

Here is a true Oregonian if I've ever seen one!
I thought it was great that they left fallen trees down (perfect for little boys to play on!) and simply cut parts away so people can continue safely on the trail :)

One of the beautiful bridges we had to cross
Eli inside a HUGE tree stump!

Look at the size of this tree...AMAZING!
Loved seeing all the many shades of green!
Reward for the day was playing in the hot springs!! Way to go Eli!!


carrie said...

Fun pix, Lisa! I can't believe how "grown up" Eli is! Glad you had a fun birthday--

Jane said...

A very Happy Birthday to you Lisa
Jane & family