Thursday, September 6, 2007

Lessons From Photo-A-Day

One of the most rewarding challenges I have ever given myself was to join some friends in a project called "Photo-A-Day". For 365 days straight we were to take a picture that represents some part of our day and post on our individual Flickr pages. This project created a wonderful community of people near and far and many of these friends are still doing the project into their second or third years...what dedication! I really enjoyed this challenge because of the community it built but also because it was a fun way to share my life with friends and family who are not living near me to share in all the day-to-day fun!

Now, each day does not always have a great photo documenting things like a fun outing with friends, the beauty I saw in travels, or something totally adorable my nephew did. Some of my daily photos where just documenting the day to day blah things of life. Like September 6, commute. And it is funny that this is what I posted exactly one year ago because just this morning, September 6, 2007 I was dreading this tunnel as much as I dread needles or a dentist appointment because sitting at my desk is the last place I want to be today...the beach just sounds so much more enticing!!!
Looking through my Photo-A-Day Project today was a good reminder that sometimes you have to keep your head high and eyes on the lookout for the spectacular of the blah days (like today) to appreciate the moments that create some pretty amazing memories and treasure nuggets of life that can and should be found at every flip of the calendar page!


carrie said...

So true.

I enjoy all of your pictures, Lisa. Even in the more mundane things, you find beauty!

wynia said...

that beach looks like it's from the goonies.