Wednesday, June 25, 2008

To Do: Remember My Password!

Just when I thought I was going to be on top of blogging I go and take another month sorry! I'll be a little honest with you and confess that part of the reason was I forgot my password for blogger...oops :) Anyway, the other reason is that life got a little hectic these past few weeks with things like finishing up an academic year, getting ready for an awesome vacation, and buying a home! Yes, in a matter of a 7 day time-frame I decided to see what it would take to stop renting and next thing I know I am submitting an offer on a condo and getting it accepted...crazy! That week of learning the in's-and-out's of being a first time homebuyer was A LOT of extra stress but luckily it was followed by a great week and a half of vacation with my momma to Tennessee, Georgia, and South Carolina! We had such a great time and now that I am faced with packing up my apartment I can only wish we were still on vacation!

Here are some pictures of the past month :) Updates on One Local Summer and my garden will be coming soon, I promise! I made sure to write down my password :)
My friend Wendy and I spent a lovely Saturday morning taking pictures of wildflowers in the Columbia River Gorge...they were so beautiful!
Here is one of my best friends Emily getting married :) Her wedding was in TN and it was so cool to be able to be there to see her marry the man of her dreams! Emily, you are a BEAUTIFUL bride and I swear I have never seen you smile so much before!
While in TN we stayed with my friend Mandi and as always time with Mandi is time well spent :)
After Emily's wedding my Mom and I drove to Savannah...what an AMAZING CITY!!! The humidity was not so amazing but we still had a great time wandering all around it's gorgeous historic district! Our camera's needed a break at the end of each day with how many pictures we were taking!
Bonaventure Cemetery in Savannah is really cool, sooooo much history there and the Spanish Moss is just gorgeous! They say Bonaventure is one of the nation's most haunted places and we could totally picture the spirits partying it up when night falls. Think of the fun they must have frolicking through all the moss!
Spanish Moss and my pretty momma! Avenue of Oaks at Boone Hall Plantation outside of Charleston South Carolina. Cannot help but think "Run Forest Run" when I see this picture :)Charleston was BEAUTIFUL! The houses are to die for and I cannot imagine what it must be like to live in them! This was a little house for the historic neighborhood we were wandering around in but doesn't it have great windows!! Just how I pictured beaches in South Carolina to look like :)
Sunset on the dock...what a perfect way to end vacation! Thanks for taking a look at my month in pictures!


Emily said...

Yea! You've given me something new to read as I'm trying to make it through my first week back at work. Thanks for putting up a picture from the wedding, too--I know that I was smiling a lot because it was just such a perfect day!

*carrie* said...


I enjoyed seeing all of these pictures! Congrats on being a homeowner, and so glad you had a wonderful trip to the South!

Jane said...

Wow! Lucky you.
My mother always dreamed of travelling down to the South