Monday, July 30, 2007

Vacation Time!!!

7 more hours until vacation time...yippee!!! I love vacation days, especially when they are taken during the summer when I can enjoy the great weather here in the beautiful Pacific Northwest! I have an east coast friend coming out for a week so we are going to grab our cameras and hop in my car to explore amazing places throughout Oregon, Washington, and Victoria BC...Yay!

If you have never been to the NW, stay tuned as I will post our adventures so you can see the lovely sights with us and get a feel for how truly amazing this corner of the world is!

And after the great NW adventures, it is off to Palm Springs for me where I will join my crazy and fun loving mom and aunt under the palm trees on their annual pilgrimage to the pool! It will be divine!!


kim, andrew & ieva said...

Lisa, Welcome to the blog world!! Your vacation sounds fabulous...I'm jealous! How can you work in student affairs & take vacation in August - I didn't think it was possible!?! :)

I so enjoyed our time together last month when we were in town - you've inspired me in so many ways! I look forward to reading more creative blogs from your bungalow! -kim

wynia said...

yay for a burchie blog!